My Pack

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Lily is my little sweetheart.  On August 1, 2011, someone found her in an alley just born she still had some of her transparent sac or membrane still covering her.  They put her in a towel and took her to a nearby pet store where my friend worked.  She took the newborn and nursed her for the first four weeks.  There was no difficulty in her growth at all.  We took her to the vet and they said we were doing a fine job and to keep it up.  I took pictures of her time growing up and she developed wonderfully.  There was a time when one of the dogs tried to play with her and she got a fractured leg, which healed just fine.  I crated her for about a week to let it heal.

She is now a feisty cat of two years in August.  She loves to play with the other cats and with her toys.  At times, I think she thinks she is a dog because if I waded up a piece of paper and threw it she would fetch it and bring it back to me.  When it is time to sleep, she found my lap falling fast asleep.

Well that is my pack family.  We are one big happy family.  They keep me company in my life’s journey.  I often tell people that my pack runs the house I just rent a room from them.  Of course, it is one expensive bill.  I love my pack anyway.

I have fostered many others but they have found forever homes elsewhere.