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            It is very important for us to stay strong in the pursuit of freedom and peace.  It is unfortunate that we live in a day that in the back of our minds we have to worry about if we will be safe.  Nevertheless, we must live our lives.


All of us have to do our part to bring peace to the human race.  Everyone needs to wake up and start caring for our fellow man, woman, and child.  If we see something that is not right, we have to do something about it.  Call someone, tell someone, or investigate.  We cannot melt into the background and hope it takes care of itself.  The government agencies cannot be the sole entity to make sure we are safe.  We have to be responsible and make the evil accountable.


            This past week there was not a day that went by that I had a dry eye.  Many tears have fallen for the victims of the Boston tragedy.  One cannot help but feel sad for our fellow human beings.  Say a prayer for the fallen.


Ø  Martin Richard – “No more hurting people.”  A boy, from what I have read about him online, was mature beyond his years. An 8-year old boy who was asking for peace, all of us can learn from this young boy.

Ø  Krystle Campbell – A beautiful young lady with sparkling eyes and a vibrant smile taken in the prime of her life.  A hard worker loved by her family and friends.

Ø  Lingzi Lu – A bright student at Boston University enjoying a simple student life in modest surroundings.

Ø  Sean Collier – An MIT police officer with an easy smile and a desire to help others.  He strived to be a good police officer.




Let’s Roll

todd-beamerDo you remember this man?

He is one of America’s true Heroes, Todd Beamer.  He helped organize an attempt to regain control of the United Airlines Flight 93 when it was hijacked on September 11th 2001.  His last words could be heard over the cell phone that he used to warn everyone on the ground of the events happening on the plane.

“Are you guys ready?  Let’s roll.”

A true American Hero.  In memory of Todd Beamer (1968 – 2001)

We Must Remember…


The news media does not cover these heroes and these fallen angels long enough. Therefore, we the people need to remember them for their heroic actions and remember the children for all their lives ended way too soon.

Sandy Hook Heroes We Must Remember:

Rachel DaVino

Dawn Hochsprung

Anne Marie Murphy

Lauren Russeau

Mary Sherlach

Victoria Soto

Sandy Hook Little Angels We Must Remember:

Charlotte Bacon

Daniel Barden

Olivia Engel

Josephine Gay

Ana M. Marquez-Greene

Dylan Hockley

Madeleine F. Hsu

Catherine V. Hubbard

Chase Kowalski

Jesse Lewis

James Mattioli

Grace McDonnell

Emilie Parker

Jack Pinto

Noah Pozner

Caroline Previdi

Jessica Rekos

Avielle Richman

Benjamin Wheeler

Allison N. Wyatt

I never met anyone of these people but I can only send my thoughts and prayers to the families. In addition, to do my part to make sure this does not happen again. Are you doing your part? Every one of us has a responsibility to care for our fellow human beings.

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