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Thank You Ajaytao!!!

First of all let me address all the kind words and the condolences for the passing of my Mother.  It helps a lot when there is people that can be supportive in times of need.  Whether it be personal friends, Facebook friends, or blogger friends.  I love you all.

As all of my blog friends/followers know from my last post, I have been going through a rough month and I am in the process of getting back to somewhat of a normal life.  However, after a loss do you ever really get back to normal.  It does take time.

Part of my process to try to get back to normal is getting back to my writing and blogging.  In looking through some comments from all of you I have noticed I have overlooked nominations for awards by my fellow bloggers.

In the month of August, Ajaytao nominated me for a total of eleven awards and I would like to acknowledge them now and say thank you, Ajaytao


2 Nominations from Ajaytao


2 Nominations from Ajaytao


2 Nominations from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao

A big Thank you.  I appreciate it.


I dedicate this post to my Loving Mom.  She passed away on Monday, August 12, 2013.  She lived a full life and she will be missed.  You never know when some things are going to happen, you only wish you had a little more time.  Rest in Peace MOM.

A journey through life may be a short one but then something difficult happens that changes everything.  Whether the cause is by depression, hard-times, mid-life, death, tragic event, or whatever the case may be.  These events start a thinking process in your mind to make changes.  Lately I am, I guess you can call it, a profound thinker and I have changes to make in my life.  By attaining knowledge and understanding about the meaning of life, I will vow to make changes by going beneath the superficial, external and the obvious.  Life is much deeper than these things.


It is as if my eyes are finally wide-open taking in everything with a new spirit.  The superficial, external, and the meaningless blinded my eyes for many years but now my rebirth is beginning.


In the past, I would walk down the street passing by a homeless person and not think twice about their suffering.  However, today I walk by a homeless man and his dog.  I could not stop thinking about his and his dog’s suffering.  This man’s suffering causes a ripple effect and now his dog is suffering.  Now the ripple effect is witnessed by me and therefor has changed me.  This man’s suffering causes a ripple effect throughout everyone’s life that will witness it.  One moment in time, what will you do in that moment?  The only way to end suffering is by everyone doing acts of kindness.  We need to stop the ripple effect of suffering.


I would not say that life is a waste but sometimes it takes people longer to realize what is actually important.  There comes a point in time when you set aside all this superficial meaningless things and concentrate on the more important.  This has nothing to do with religion or the pursuit of religion but the pursuit of spiritual truth to love, life, happiness, and peace.  Without that, you have nothing.


Take a stroll down memory lane with me.  Would you do things any different?  Not in your life but in someone else’s.  I don’t regret anything but I do see where I can make improvements to someone’s life.  I usually leave the New Year resolutions for reflection and improvements but that is one thing that I am changing today.  Every day if there is a means there is a way.  Sometimes it will require creativity.  There are acts of kindness witnessed around the world but we need more.  We all need to help.


This is what life is all about helping our fellow man, woman, child, and all living creatures roaming this earth.


Pursue love, happiness, life, and peace in all we do.



This Never Happens to Me…

Just a short post about my happenings of this weekend.  I had plans to go back to my High School hometown to visit old friends.  The plans started great.  I already made reservations at a hotel so that was taken care of.

I drive a little over 200 miles to Dover, Delaware.  Check in to my hotel.  I had a few hours to kill so I took a nap.  Woke up about an hour later.  Took a shower and decided to drive around town to see what changed.  I did not recognize over half the town.  It changed tremendously.

It was about time to meet up with all my friends so I went to the restaurant.  I arrived and only about a handful were there.  So we started conversing and drinking and eating.  More and more people showed up as the night went along.  Everyone having a great time.  It was wonderful.

Now we come to the tragic part of the early morning.  Unbeknownst to me I lost my credit card somewhere.  I had no idea where.  This never happens to me.  Me…lose my credit card.  No way!  I am impervious to these things.

PanicI wake up the next morning take a shower and start on my way.  First, I have to get gas.  Open up my wallet…OH NO!!!…(those were not my exact words but I want to keep this clean).  Where’s my credit card?  PANIC ATTACK!!! PANIC ATTACK!!!  I thought I was going to flip out.  Okay, Frank you can do this.

Imagine…no credit card…$5 cash…need gas…only gas card is Shell and no Shell station for miles.  So pretty much I was stranded.  I could just start driving and see how far I get but knowing this day I would run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.  So I searched my bags for anything…money…other credit card…change.  Aaagghhh!  Nothing.  But wait I found my checkbook.  I thought people don’t write checks any more.  But hey let’s give it a shot.

There is a Safeway.  I went in and found the customer service counter.  I asked if I could cash a check.  They said, “Only up to $20.”  That should be enough to get me to the nearest Shell station.  Woohoo!  Saved by the Safeway.

I was able to get to the nearest Shell station but it was in Maryland.  I don’t think I would have made it if I just started to drive at first.

I have always been prepared for these kinds of incidents.  But this one just came and hit me right out of the blue.  I guess I am not so impervious as I thought I was.  I can attribute this to excitement, drinking, and getting old.  WOW!!!  What a rollercoaster ride of emotion this weekend was.

If You Won…

What Would You Do If You Won a $360,000,000 Lottery jackpot?


US Dollars MoneyA few weeks ago, I read somebody’s blog about what they would do if they won the Lottery.  That got me thinking what I would do with this much money.  Of course, with a $360,000,000 jackpot Uncle Sam has to get his share, which would leave you with about $255,000,000.  I would not want that much money because it would not make me happy.  Yes, it would lessen some of the financial pain but then other kinds of pain and suffering would show up at your door.  Unless used wisely.  I would not be working so I would have to do something with my time.


Here is a breakdown of how I would get rid of all my money:

1.      Yes, I would pay off all bills, no brainer there.  That amount would come to approximately $200,000.

2.      I would put money in a trust for my son to be distributed to him $1,000 per week.  Why?  He is not the financially responsible type of person.  Unless, he somehow could prove he was.  This would come up to approximately $3,000,000.  (And by chance my son is reading this, life is what it is.  If you get handed lemons make lemonade.  Besides you would be getting $3,000,000.)

3.      Make sure family is set financially.  This would be approximately $10,000,000.

4.      Help a few close friends.  This would be approximately $5,000,000.

5.      Whatever is left take half and put in a retirement fund so that I could quit work and still live comfortably, not in the lap of luxury just comfortably.

6.      The rest I would use for Philanthropy:

a.      Take a set amount; say $100,000 or however much it would take to accomplish the list below to use for each individual or family.  Of course, a family would need more money so I would have two amount categories, higher amount for the family and the lesser amount for the individual.

b.      Find individuals or families that are jobless, homeless, struggling, and suffering.

c.       Set them up in a modest home, whether it is a house or apartment.

d.      Pay for any training for a new job.

e.      Help them network.

f.        Keep doing this until the money dries up.

g.      I do not want anything in return just for them to Pay It Forward in some way.


I am not the type of man that wants a big fancy car or a big elaborate castle to live in.  I am satisfied with my truck, my pack, and my family home.  I am a humble man and live by modest means.  I do not need millions of dollars to be successful.

On that thought of success, each person measures success differently.  I talked to a man a long time ago and he said if he woke up every morning that he was a success. 

I measure it in these four ways:

1.      Humbleness (not to be confused with servility) – I do not think I am superior to anyone else nor do I feel I am inferior to anyone.  All are created equal.  I know when to admit I am wrong and not afraid to say it.

2.      Morals – I pride myself on a high standard of fundamental principles of right conduct.  I know right from wrong so I base my actions upon this.

3.      Mindful and aware of thoughts and actions – Awareness and humility are required to keep body, speech and mind free from defilement.  A mind under control brings great happiness.

4.      Wisdom and Understanding – I do not boast about accomplishments.  I use my accomplishments to teach others.  It is good to abandon attachment to all things and attain knowledge of reality.  Cultivate friendliness, compassion, and wisdom.

If I can say that I accomplished these four things today then I had a successful day.  And if not then I strive for it the next day.


All success aside and back on track of my current topic.  We can all dream though.  Winning the Lottery is just that for me, a dream.  Anyone that knows me knows that I cannot win the Lottery because…well, I work for the Lottery.


Since Me, Myself, or I cannot win the Lottery what would you do if you won the Lottery?

A Simple Act of Kindness

When I first watched this it brought a tear to my eye. There are people who care for others and not just themselves. Please watch this video and I challenge everyone to reblog for everyone to see.

Endless Light and Love

Nothing else to say !


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Unlikely Friends

Elephant’s Unlikely Friend Elephant’s unlikely friend. The human race can learn from this. Peace for all Now before it is too late!!!

My Pack: Part 5

My Pack

6 of 6



Lily is my little sweetheart.  On August 1, 2011, someone found her in an alley just born she still had some of her transparent sac or membrane still covering her.  They put her in a towel and took her to a nearby pet store where my friend worked.  She took the newborn and nursed her for the first four weeks.  There was no difficulty in her growth at all.  We took her to the vet and they said we were doing a fine job and to keep it up.  I took pictures of her time growing up and she developed wonderfully.  There was a time when one of the dogs tried to play with her and she got a fractured leg, which healed just fine.  I crated her for about a week to let it heal.

She is now a feisty cat of two years in August.  She loves to play with the other cats and with her toys.  At times, I think she thinks she is a dog because if I waded up a piece of paper and threw it she would fetch it and bring it back to me.  When it is time to sleep, she found my lap falling fast asleep.

Well that is my pack family.  We are one big happy family.  They keep me company in my life’s journey.  I often tell people that my pack runs the house I just rent a room from them.  Of course, it is one expensive bill.  I love my pack anyway.

I have fostered many others but they have found forever homes elsewhere.

My Pack: Part 4

My Pack

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Bogie is my buddy.  All he needed in the picture to the left is a beer and he was ready to watch some football.  This handsome boy I was supposed to foster for a while but no one was interested in him so I ended up making my home his forever home.  He loves his catnip and his food.  He would bogart all the cat food so that is what I named him; Bogie for short.  He also knows how to strike a pose in the picture to the right.

One more coming…

My Pack: Part 3

image image

                     Georgie                    Cinnamon

Now I move on to the cats of my pack.  Georgie and Cinnamon were two in the same litter with several others.  These two were the only ones found when we searched for the rest of them.  All the others were a mystery as to what happened to them.  I guess all of them fended for themselves for some time; maybe a week or so at a time could be longer.  I hoped the others found a good home where ever they may be now.  They were about 6 months old when I brought them home.  They had survived on their own and in good health, lucky for them. 

I was hesitant to bring them into my house because I had the two dogs already and wondered if they would get along.  For the first couple of days I crated the cats just to get the dogs use to their scent.  One day I came home and let them out and there was a sniffing and getting to know each other but they seemed to get along just fine.  Xena would try to play with them but that didn’t work out too well.  When she went to paw at the cats, they hissed and smacked at the dogs.  They got the message and went away.

After a while, they got to the point that they tolerated one another and everything is fine.  The cats will now head-butt the dogs and lay next to them.  I think Cinnamon was a model in a past life because she always will strike a pose and think she is so cute, which she usually is.  Georgie and Cinnamon love there treats.  They love to chase there toys all over the place and every time I clean I find ten to twenty of their toys under all the furniture. I have to make sure I keep pens and anything of importance out of there reach or I will never find it.  Both of them like to sit in my lap while I am writing on the computer, just as Cinnamon is doing now.

But wait, more to come tomorrow…

My Pack: Part 2

My Pack

2 of 6



Next in my pack is Charlie.  He is a Labrador Retriever.  He does not like to have his picture taken so when I get a picture of him it is usually by accident.

He had a rough beginning.  My friend found him on her porch one morning.  He was sluggish and it looked like a car had hit him.  He was limping and he had cuts on his lips.  He looked very sad.  When taken to the vet, they did some tests, and found that he had heartworm.  The next eight weeks was tough for him and me.

The vet treated Charlie for his heartworm and he instructed to keep him calm at all times for the next eight weeks.  If anyone has dogs knows that it is almost impossible to keep them calm at all times.  I crated him for this period.  Every day I saw him in the crate and my heart dropped.  I could not imagine what pain he was feeling.  All I could do is care for him.  I opened the crate door just to sit there and pet him for a while.  I knew in the end that he would be better.

After a long eight weeks, Charlie went back to the vet and said everything was good.  He no longer needed to keep calm.  I was happy and I knew Charlie would be too.  When I got home, Charlie started to go in his crate but I stopped him.  He looked on as I deconstructed his crate and put it in the garage.  I saw a smile and his ears perked up when I did that.  I told him no more crate.  It seemed like he understood.

He has changed so much since I first brought him into my home.  He is happier than I have seen him before.  He still has his issues like when it is thunder and lightning outside he crawls under my legs and lays there.  He’s a lovable overgrown baby.  His favorite food is his dog biscuits.  He does his twirling dance for them.

But wait there’s more tomorrow…

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