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Let’s Roll

todd-beamerDo you remember this man?

He is one of America’s true Heroes, Todd Beamer.  He helped organize an attempt to regain control of the United Airlines Flight 93 when it was hijacked on September 11th 2001.  His last words could be heard over the cell phone that he used to warn everyone on the ground of the events happening on the plane.

“Are you guys ready?  Let’s roll.”

A true American Hero.  In memory of Todd Beamer (1968 – 2001)


Heroes for Freedom

As a marine I know that the military life is very difficult in more ways than one. It is especially difficult for a military spouse. While the head of the household is away on deployment or maneuvers for months at a time the spouse has no one to rely on for that much needed support. Thankfully they do have a community they can rely on for some support which helps a great deal. The stress on the military men, women, and families is a lot to endure.

Myself, I turned 17 in 1980 and along with thousands of others signed a contract to give our life for our country. I am no hero and if you ask any military man or woman they will probably say the same. We fight for freedom so that you don’t have to. Personally, I was never in a war so I don’t have the first-hand experience.

Now that I am out of the military I can truly say that the men and women that put their selves in harm’s way so that you and I can be free are the true Heroes of this world. They literally put their life on the line for a cause—FREEDOM.

I would like to say thank you and commemorate this page to all those families that have lost a loved one serving their country.  May all those families have solace in knowing that their loss was not for nothing.


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