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Change the World

There are billions of us on this tiny blue dot in this universe we live. Each and every one of us is so small and insignificant compared to the overall picture of this earth and in the whole universe.

In society, no matter what your religion, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or color, we need to strive to be better. We all need to strive for wisdom, learn compassion, and have the courage to change. Wash the negativity from your mind. What is the phrase used widely today, “Don’t be a hater.”

Lay down your guns. Why do we need guns if we all want a peaceful society? All it takes is one brief moment to take a life. That fraction of time changes lives. Even if it was unintentional. Accidents happen all the time, especially with children.

“All the energy that the human race uses to destroy each other can be used wisely to underscore our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another.” I believe Carl Sagan said that in one of his videos.

We humans are capable of greatness if we can choose the right path. We need to save ourselves from our childish mistakes. It is not all about you and it is not all about me. It is all about the collective. It is not about how much stuff you can collect and own. It is not about keeping up with the Joneses but caring and helping the Joneses. Take a little time out of your schedule and do for those that cannot do for themselves. Just do one act of kindness and see how you feel afterwards.

All the sayings and proverbs in the world do not mean a thing unless you take action. You can read them all you want. That alone will not make change.

It all starts from within oneself. I vow to do my part to change the world. Join in on changing the world because without change this pale blue dot…well it may just cease to exist.

Take care of our planet, it is the only one we have. Take care of humanity and take care of one another.

Peace, love, and happiness to us all!


If You Won…

What Would You Do If You Won a $360,000,000 Lottery jackpot?


US Dollars MoneyA few weeks ago, I read somebody’s blog about what they would do if they won the Lottery.  That got me thinking what I would do with this much money.  Of course, with a $360,000,000 jackpot Uncle Sam has to get his share, which would leave you with about $255,000,000.  I would not want that much money because it would not make me happy.  Yes, it would lessen some of the financial pain but then other kinds of pain and suffering would show up at your door.  Unless used wisely.  I would not be working so I would have to do something with my time.


Here is a breakdown of how I would get rid of all my money:

1.      Yes, I would pay off all bills, no brainer there.  That amount would come to approximately $200,000.

2.      I would put money in a trust for my son to be distributed to him $1,000 per week.  Why?  He is not the financially responsible type of person.  Unless, he somehow could prove he was.  This would come up to approximately $3,000,000.  (And by chance my son is reading this, life is what it is.  If you get handed lemons make lemonade.  Besides you would be getting $3,000,000.)

3.      Make sure family is set financially.  This would be approximately $10,000,000.

4.      Help a few close friends.  This would be approximately $5,000,000.

5.      Whatever is left take half and put in a retirement fund so that I could quit work and still live comfortably, not in the lap of luxury just comfortably.

6.      The rest I would use for Philanthropy:

a.      Take a set amount; say $100,000 or however much it would take to accomplish the list below to use for each individual or family.  Of course, a family would need more money so I would have two amount categories, higher amount for the family and the lesser amount for the individual.

b.      Find individuals or families that are jobless, homeless, struggling, and suffering.

c.       Set them up in a modest home, whether it is a house or apartment.

d.      Pay for any training for a new job.

e.      Help them network.

f.        Keep doing this until the money dries up.

g.      I do not want anything in return just for them to Pay It Forward in some way.


I am not the type of man that wants a big fancy car or a big elaborate castle to live in.  I am satisfied with my truck, my pack, and my family home.  I am a humble man and live by modest means.  I do not need millions of dollars to be successful.

On that thought of success, each person measures success differently.  I talked to a man a long time ago and he said if he woke up every morning that he was a success. 

I measure it in these four ways:

1.      Humbleness (not to be confused with servility) – I do not think I am superior to anyone else nor do I feel I am inferior to anyone.  All are created equal.  I know when to admit I am wrong and not afraid to say it.

2.      Morals – I pride myself on a high standard of fundamental principles of right conduct.  I know right from wrong so I base my actions upon this.

3.      Mindful and aware of thoughts and actions – Awareness and humility are required to keep body, speech and mind free from defilement.  A mind under control brings great happiness.

4.      Wisdom and Understanding – I do not boast about accomplishments.  I use my accomplishments to teach others.  It is good to abandon attachment to all things and attain knowledge of reality.  Cultivate friendliness, compassion, and wisdom.

If I can say that I accomplished these four things today then I had a successful day.  And if not then I strive for it the next day.


All success aside and back on track of my current topic.  We can all dream though.  Winning the Lottery is just that for me, a dream.  Anyone that knows me knows that I cannot win the Lottery because…well, I work for the Lottery.


Since Me, Myself, or I cannot win the Lottery what would you do if you won the Lottery?

Technology Society

Look outside your office building, those of you who are in one.  Everyone is walking around in their own little world.  They are on their cell phone.  They have ear buds on listening to who knows what; music, podcast, radio.  They are texting while walking running into things not paying attention to where they are going.  They even cross the street without looking for traffic.  It is surprising I have not heard of people being run over.  They all are zombies moving around the streets like in a science fiction movie.


Do these people know what they are missing?  They are not paying attention to what is around them.  Technology has turned us into a Zombie Society.  Most of us, me included on occasion, have fallen into this trap where we always need our cell phone, iPad, laptop in order to have access to up to the minute updates on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, news, security of our home, security of our children, and whatever else we keep track of.


Every now and then, we have to get back to nature.  Go outside take a walk.  Take your dogs to the park.  Take a road trip away from all this technology and just relax.  Don’t feel that you have to be connected every single waking moment for the rest of your life.  Take a moment of every day, slow down, and smell the roses.



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